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What is DesignMyBooks.com?

DesignMyBooks.com is an online service where you can design book jackets and book spine labels using our online Design Tool. Once you have designed the items, our printing facility prints them for you using topnotch materials and printers. We will deliver the ready products to you via airmail and you can then pick them up at your local post office. Click here to try out our cool online editor!

We want to help you personalize your books, be it for giving gifts or creating a new look for your bookshelf. Now you can add your own images, colors and texts to your books to make them look and feel more personal.


What is a book jacket?

A book jacket is a thick pre-folded and laminated paper that completely covers your book and can be removed. Please see the image below.

What is a book spine label?

A book spine label is a sticker that you can put on the spine of your book. You can apply these labels to a set of books or a whole library to give them a specific look. We have developed these book spine labels as a more economical way to redo your library

What materials do you use? Are they of high quality?

The materials used in our products are of very high quality. When developing our book jackets the main emphasis has been on making sure that the product looks good, feels good and is durable. Therefore, our book jackets are printed on high-quality paper, laminated and pre-folded.

Book spine labels are printed on high-quality sticker material with good opacity, so you can cover up even the nastiest colors.

The Design Tool

Here you can only find some general information about the Design Tool. You can access the detailed guide to the Design Tool here.

What is the Design Tool?

The Design Tool is the editor where you do the actual designing of your book jackets and book spine labels.

Do I need to download anything in order to use the Design Tool?

The Design Tool requires Flash in order for it to work. You may have it already, but in case you do not, you can download the latest version here.

How do I measure my book?

Depending on whether it is a book jacket or a book spine label, you need either two or three measures… the height of the book, the width of the book and the width of the spine of the book. These measures should be as exact as possible, so measure your books carefully.

Are there any limits to the size of my books?

Yes there are. Below are the maximum/minimum values for different book dimensions:

Width:                                 10-40 cm (3.94” – 15.7”)
Height:                                6-40 cm (2.36” – 15.7”)
Spine width:                       0,5-6 cm (0.2” – 2.36”)

How can I add videos to the book jackets like on your video?

It is indeed possible to add videos to your book jackets. You simply have to upload your video to Youtube (or some other video hosting service), generate a QR-code and attach the link of your video to the QR-code. Once you have the code you simply upload it to our service as an image. Unfortunately we do not offer QR-code generation or video hosting services ourselves at this time, but we are working hard to provide you with those services in the future. Luckily there are other services online where you can get these for free. You may find a few QR-code generators below:




Pricing and payment

What payment options do you offer?

We offer credit card payment for international orders. The following cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. In Finland we also accept local payments.

The security of your payments is absolutely critical for us, so we do everything we can to make sure your payments are safe. We are using DIBS as our payment service provider for credit card payments. You may review their website here. All payment transactions, account management and registration are SSL-encrypted to make your transactions and personal information secure.

How much do book jackets and book spine labels cost?

Our prices for book jackets range from €7.99 to €11.99 depending on the size of the book jacket. The price of book spine labels varies between €1.99 and €2.99 depending on the size of the label.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, the volume discounts are based on the amount of products you order. You may review the discount percentages below:

Order size                                                       Discount-%

10-24                                                             5%

25-49                                                             10%

50-99                                                             15%

100-                                                               20%


Do you charge shipping fees?

Yes, the shipping fee depends on the size of your purchase. For purchases under €50 the shipping fee is €3.50. For purchases between €50-100 the fee is €6.50 and for orders over €100 shipping is free. For international orders there may also be import duties and taxes you have to pay. These fees depend on the country of destination so DesignMyBooks.com is unable to predict these fees at this time. Most countries do not have import tariffs for these types of printed products.


DesignMyBooks.com is actively looking for partners.

What kind of partners is DesignMyBooks.com looking for?

Interior designers

We are  looking for interior designers to join our interior design network. For more information please contact us at partnerships@designmybooks.com.


In case you have some other ideas you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!.

Shipping and Returns

What is your return policy?

You may view our return policy here


What delivery options do you offer?

At the moment we only offer DHL Global Mail as a delivery option. However, more options are on the way.

Can I track my order?

You can track your order up until it is sent to you from our printers. Unfortunately, we do not offer further tracking at this time.

How long does the delivery take?

We will print your order within five working days from receipt of your order and ship it to you within 4-10 working days, depending on where you live.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

In case there is a clear defect in the product like damage during delivery, we will of course replace your damaged products. However, due to the nature of our business where our customers design their products themselves we cannot accept returns on products that have a mistake in the design (a typo for instance). If you think that you’re eligible for a refund please contact us at info@designmybooks.com.

Is it possible to make changes to my designs after I have ordered?

No. The design is sent straight to our printers, printed out and sent to you. However, it is possible to reuse the design you ordered as a template for other designs.

Can I have a sample product?

We do not offer free samples at the moment. However, in case you are considering a larger order we recommend that you first order a smaller sample order to make sure the design you created is printed as you hoped.


Will the colors I see on the screen match those that are printed?

It is important that you understand that we cannot guarantee that the colors that you see on the screen when designing are an exact match to the printed colors of the products that you receive. The colors on your screen depend on a variety of factors that are beyond our control, for instance the monitor, the settings you are using and the lighting of the room you're in. We have, however, chosen a number of standard colors which we have standardized to match colors in the Pantone color chart. You can check these colors on a Pantone color chart to better grasp what the color will look like when printed and then input the RGB color codes to the design tool to get the desired outcome. However, even then the printed color may be a bit different.

Most interior paint colors have an RGB code and you can use the same code in our design tool. Please recognize that there could be some variation in the shade as the printers use CMYK colors. All RGB colors can not be printed with the CMYK colors, the printer will choose the closest shade possible.

Legal questions

Do I own the rights to the design I make?

Our users own all the rights to the designs they make. They are also responsible for the content that they use in their products.


Information and questions

If you need information about the website or our products you can contact us at info@designmybooks.com

Bug reports and suggestions

Found an annoying bug or got an amazing improvement idea you would like to share with us? We’d love to hear your improvement suggestions and feedback of the service! You can send us email at info@designmybooks.com